Fitting the forum to the fuss

My DR Hub is a world first, diagnostic tool for dispute resolution and complaints handling. The main purpose for the platform is to identify the most effective and efficient dispute resolution or complaints handling strategy based on the goals of the parties involved and the context of the dispute or complaint. Once the strategy or process ‘of best fit’ is selected, the platform then has the capacity to make recommendations about practitioners or people with the knowledge and skills most likely to assist parties reach a resolution.

Potential applications for MyDRHub include:

· Dispute resolution services such as mediation centres, law firms, ombudsman and commissions

· HR departments across business, government and the university sector

· Insurance firms

· Practitioners in private practice such as mediators, arbitrators, conflict coaches, guided choice providers and dispute boards

· Research into patterns for resolution including identifying high impact strategies, use of discovery, timeliness, apologies, emotional contagion etc.

The platform is attractive to the organisations and practitioners listed above as it enables a more efficient use of resources, saving time and money, and removing much of the guess work about which disputes are likely to resolved informally and which are more likely to end up in court. This means that those who adopt MyDRHub have more ways to increase their margins or redirect resources to other priorities. Further, the fact that parties and complainants can also be directed to the people most able to help them, means parties/complainants are more likely to feel satisfied with the services they receive. This in turn increases organisational reputation, driving more business, more money etc. 

MyDRHub is provisionally patented in the US and there is substantial interest across a number or large organisations.

Contact us for more information about MyDRHub or to ask more about how we can build a MyDRHub solution tailored to your needs.

The TRAMM - Creating a bespoke solution for the Victorian Government

Initiated by the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (DSCV), the TRAMM is a bespoke version of MyDRHub and is designed to meet the needs of a mediation centre dealing with community disputes about things like fences, trees and noise.

DSCV had an ambitious plan to:

• devise a reliable process to identify their user profile and the differing levels of complexity their disputes presented;
• adopt the Sander approach and ‘’fit the forum to the fuss’;
• establish realistic settlement rates based on dispute characteristics; and
• develop a realistic budget to ensure the outcome could be realised.

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